Transporting Your Pet Safely to Your Destination

Are you a pet owner who is looking to have your fur baby transported because of a move or to share your vacation with them? Are you adding an addition to your family from a breeder or rescue out of state? Do you, like so many others, not feel safe with how the airlines handle your furry family members? Or do you have a breed that the airlines forbid because of a preconceived assumption? Contact The Pet Transporter Guys, and let us provide hassle-free ground transport for your fur baby anywhere in the US.



Our Mission

Our mission is to be one of the leading and most trusted pet transportation companies in the US. We’ll continue to provide our clients dependable door-to-door pet transport services at prices that won’t hurt their budget.


If your fur baby is under 12 weeks old and has not had all their shots, their precious feet will never touch the ground. This keeps them safe from diseases, such as Parvo and other contagious diseases they might not be immune to yet.

Our Promise

We promise to always give our 100% personal care and attention to your beloved pets.



Our custom made kennels provide an extremely comfortable, safe, and sanitary place for your fur baby to stay while in our care.

Why Choose Us?

The Pet Transporter Guys have a three-tier approach to every transport, so that your fur baby will be safe, comfortable, and sanitary.



Our custom made kennels have a "mesh" bottom. If for any reason they urinate while we’re driving or while we’re sleeping next to them at night, your fur babies will not have to sit in a urine-soaked crate.


“I must say this man delivered one of the best Christmas gift ever. She came to us from Texas right to our door. One thing I remember you did was buy her a bed but she tore it apart. You go above and beyond for your special cargo god blesses you and what you do for many families. Thank you again and maybe we will be making a call to you for another special delivery.”